September Fitness Challenge

September is literally tomorrow and if you’re like me you find yourself starting over occasionally, especially at the beginning of the month. This September I’m challenging myself to hit a set of push ups every day. I’m starting a bodyweight fitness challenge for accountability purposes and wanted to open it up to anyone who may want to get a kick start.

Everyday starting on the 1st:
Pushups 10 reps
Pullups 10 reps
Dips 10 reps

I’ll be updating this post and putting my progress on my IG. Anyone else wanna join?

24 hr fitness vs. chuze fitness

I’ve been thinking of joining a gym after not going for about 2 yrs. I used to have 24 hr membership and I liked it because it had a pool so I would do a couple laps. Question is which gym should I join? 24 hr is $30 a month plus a yearly fee but no signup fee and has a pool ( Bonita location and across from my work). Chuze fitness has a signup fee of 30 or 40 dllrs I think, yearly fee ( both gyms charge the same yearly fee 30 or 40) but it’s 21 a month. Anyone have a clue to which one is better?

Adventure Sync, Fitness Watches, and gaining some extra KM

Hi! I recently bought a cheap fitness smartwatch from Wish. I’ve heard from some friends that fitness watches can help gain you some extra kms from AS instead of relying on your phone’s AS.

Does anyone know if there are any settings in Apple Health I’d have to toggle for AS to totally rely on the steps that my 3rd party fitness watch counts?

How do I start with muay thaiMMA

I am a 16 year old, 181cm, 67kg

Where I live there are only 1 MMA gym in my city (Only have kickboxing/muay thai and grappling) and I have to be 18 to join it. The other gyms are like 2 hours away so I cant do much

So my question is, how do I train up to be a muay thai/mma fighter? I have been working out in a fitness gym for around half a year now, and now I am looking for a way to train to become stronger/harder punch/harder kicks etc for muay thai/bjj.

And also I have searched around the internet and I have read article saying that I should not train muay thai on my own without a trainer because you can make bad habits, is this true? or can I maybe start try to practicing punches and kicks on my own?

How about meals? Should I start bulking up for like a year or so and start with cutting and cardio? Should I just eat normally? eat more protein, carbs and fats? or not eat so much of?

Please help me out because I really want to start muay thai/mma and want to start getting ready before joining the MMA gym

23 f4r canada – music friends anyone

i post on here so much but most of the time the connections don’t last. i’ve made a few wonderful friends via r4r and am looking for more! specifically friends who i share the same types of music with and who also has a spotify account for easy sharing purposes.

my fave bands right now are:

* the cure
* brand new
* christian death
* jinjer
* king gizzard & the lizard wizzard
* heavy lungs

and oh god. so many more. i’ll leave it that for your imaginations to wander of what else i might possibly like.

here’s some extras just in case as well.

i’m located in sk, canada.
attending uni for psychology but philosophy is also another one of my interests.
huuuuge fitness junkie, or gym rat, whatever you want to call it. see my profile for proof lol.i draw for $$$$.
i enjoy reading, sleeping, eating, and shopping.
[this is what i look like.](
[tattoos are also cool.](
i have 3 dogs.

and that is about it. cheers dudes!

Beginner here, Need Workout Advice

So I posted this in another sub too but Reddit is going crazy and I’m not sure if people can even see that post or not. So here it goes:
I’m kind of bummed today cause it just hit me just how far behind I am in gym. I started in January spent my first three months eating barely anything and just doing cardio (I lost 12 kg in 2 and a half months and now I weigh 65 kg). Around March I hit the weights and flash forward to now, I have barely any fat on my body (I’m skinny fat essentially) but I also barely have any definition. I’m 20 and a beginner and based on what I’ve read online those who start early can put on muscle mass fast. And yet my body isn’t defined at all. I have barely any bicep or tricep development and no abs yet. The sad thing is that I go six days a week, eat healthy (though often not a lot) and follow my routines (which I find on YouTube) to the T.

I’m eating close to 2400 calories and according to MyFitnessPal I’m supposed to eat 2500. So I come close.
Currently on deadlifts I’m doing 30 kg
Bench press is around 33 (working on getting to 35 kg)
And squats is about 37 kg

Given all that, shouldn’t I at least have defined arms or be more toned or look like I go to the gym? How long did it take you guys to at least look like you were going to the gym.
I’d be happy to post pictures of myself or add my weekly workouts. I can’t afford a trainer and weirdly don’t have a friend who works out. So i could really use the help guys