I'm 23 years old, and have been practicing various martial arts since I was 14 starting with taekwondo. Currently practicing muay thai as a hobby with little to no intention of competing as it is too intense for me. I have experienced training judo in the past, when I was in college. I trained twice a week for about a month and I really enjoyed it. I had to give it up for personal reasons, but now I think I wanna give it another shot. My plan is to train solely for self defense and fitness, and maybe to compete maybe once a year. But I've seen so much posts about how judo can take a toll on your body, or that how judo gave them a torn ACL, dislocated shoulder, etc. This has held me back from trying to join a trial class as I am afraid of getting these serious injuries that may affect my career. I have been injured before. Taekwondo gave me a broken toe, as well as a grade 2 sprain. Muay Thai also gave me a midfoot sprain. But the horror stories I've read from judo guys are way worse. I love martial arts, and I'd love to learn judo. But I'm now having second thoughts about doing it. TLDR: scary major injury stories of judo guys have scared me from giving it another try.